canadian postcard project

2011 - Present



Visual Artist Mallory Tolcher facilitating mail art exchange with practicing artists and high school students 

The Canadian Postcard Project is a nationwide community initiative that connects young individuals (ages 12-20) with emerging and established artists from across the country. The project begins with each student choosing an artwork they are drawn to, and after spending time as an “art critic” and brainstorming as a “real artist”, the student then creates a postcard to reflect their chosen piece. Once the student’s artwork has been made and mailed, the Canadian artist sends a new artwork back, in the form of a postcard.

Through a variety of classroom lessons that teach the act of looking, describing, analyzing, interpreting and critiquing, students engage in cooperative learning and collaboration that results in an authentic visual dialogue. The return of the artists’ work allows the students to see a visual interpretation of their own art, and as a result, they begin to feel inspired and empowered as young artists, realizing they were creative all along. The Canadian Postcard Project as a whole brings contemporary Canadian artwork into the public school realm, helping educate youth on different styles, mediums, and themes that are happening countrywide.

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Brad MacMillan.jpg

Interested in Participating?

Contact Mallory Tolcher to learn more about how to be involved in The Canadian Postcard Project, or if you are interested in collaborating on a community-focused initiative. Please include your location in Canada and a link to your website, if available.

(Call for postcard submissions are only once a year)


Guelph, ON, Canada


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