Community Projects

Canadian Postcard Project

2012 - Present

The Canadian Postcard Project is a nationwide community initiative that I have facilitated for the past 6 years. The project connects young individuals (ages 12-20) with emerging and established artists from across the country. The project begins with each student choosing an artwork they are drawn to, and after spending time as an “art critic” and brainstorming as a “real artist”, the student then creates a postcard to reflect their chosen piece. Once the student’s artwork has been made and mailed, the Canadian artist sends a new artwork back, in the form of a postcard.


Summer 2019

#GuelphMovesMe was a way to bring art into the public realm and out of a white-walled gallery. I wanted to promote movement and physical fitness, so I installed drawings on Guelph’s trails through an outdoor art exhibition.

In the Paint

June 2018

In the Paint: this is ability serves as the pilot project for my series of painted basketball courts. I worked alongside Lindsay Clements and a group of teenagers with special needs to co-create, co-design, and co-produce a large-scale artwork that was painted directly onto the surface of a sports pad. While facilitating the project with these Special Olympic Provincial Gold Medalists, we broke down stereotypes and stigma surrounding ability and were able to memorialize the history and current attitudes of our community.

Fresh Mesh

Spring 2014

Fresh Mesh originally started when I realized that the basketball rims at my new school were empty and unused. I quickly taught myself how to hand-craft a net using yarn (with the help of New Craft Artists in Action), and started a weekly club open to all grades called Mesh Mondays. With both male and female students participating, we produced over 30 nets that were then installed at our school and on abandoned rims in our local community. 

Merci de faire partie de ma communauté

January - April 2010

While studying in Caen, France for a semester, I found that placing myself in my community was challenging. Not knowing much French, I was immediately thankful for individuals that went out of their way to help and welcome me. From my experiences, I created a series that thanked the people I met through signage, friendship t-shirts, stamps, and handwritten notes.

Slam Dunk Project

February 2009 - April 2010

The Slam Dunk Project follows my journey as I trained to slam dunk a basketball on a 10' rim. Within the first couple months of training, I began to feel discouraged when individuals would criticize my goal because of my gender and race. Exploring these themes, I toured to many Elementary and Secondary schools to share my experiences and discuss current issues within sports and athletics, which lead to collecting over 500 handmade signs of support from students of all ages.

Community Net

June 2009

I originally created the Community Net as a way to train for the Slam Dunk Project without having to leave my studio space. I measured, cut, and hand painted the net before installing the work inside the hallway of the Annie Smith Building at Sheridan College. 


Guelph, ON, Canada


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